That Snare in "nobody speak" tutorial?

Brian Infante

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Hi, im interested in know how to make a snare sound like the one in the sec: 0:50 of "nobody speak" by Run the Jewels.
From that part on forward the snare get that reverb with what i think is a boost in the middle frecuences that make it sound "colder" or "mysterious"
Is there a filter that make it sound like that? (I use FL Studio by the way) or any similar snare sample in Omnisphere?
I appreciate any kind of help!


Character in Spades...
It’s a layered snare. More than one, plus claps at the beginning. At :50, it sounds like a propane tank or other metallic sound, compressed pretty hard with a little reverb, is brought in underneath.

Also super compressed mids, like you were saying. Not exactly the same, but compare:

Also, layering the right conga slap tone, with a nice reverb tail, can give an almost “sonar-like” quality. Consider the sounds on these two: