Techniques on how to make the bass rumble


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to make things sound simple, i'm looking for a way to get that deep "rumble" bass that many "dirty south" hip hop songs have and that only speakers that respond to low frequency can project.. i have a close idea of how to achieve that but i just want to clarify/ maybe learn how others do that...

i have a program called Minimogue that creates bass... i mainly use it to add lower end by playing the "main" notes of the chords in my songs... that's what bass IS... it adds a nice lower end but i want that "rumble" type of bass that doesn't necessarily sound like a "note"... usually u hear it in lil' jon's music... dirty south, crunk... u get the idea... im probably confusing the sh*t outta yah... but is it just even lower notes down the keyboard that makes that bass sound like that?... how do you achieve that bass?!... i noticed that sometimes the bass doesn't change with the song or doesn't even go with the chords... listen to some of lil wayne's tracks and u'll know what im talking about...

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I got the same problem and i use that minimogue too.
But on some of my beats the bass comes hard.

One thing i noticed is that your kick has to hit too so the bass can hit like lil jon.


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or just EQ ur bass and drop out all high end levels and really crank up the lower end - it'll work but u'll start drowning out other elements of ur song if ur not carefull


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Learn LFO oscillation techinques.

In Reason for an example, in the NN-XT. At the left bottom corner of the device editor. There is knobs for LFO waves. You can choose a SAW Wave and turn the Level up. Adjust the filter and center frequency knobs.
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Can you say "sine wave"?...

an 808 is basically a 60 hz sine wave with LFO and attack added
to get the basic "rumble" you just need the sine wave
... the rest is meant to be sold not told...

for real though:
Google is your friend


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Proper eq... disable unnecessary fights about conflicting things.. proper imaging separation about frequencies and if you're hearing so much about your limiter being (in the case of mastering) overdoing it's job, regret. Don't do -0.3 -0.5 -0.7, but less since will lead with ISP problems easily...

Another aspect is double checking at least, with monitors + headphones.. but don't overcheck, take a position and let it go.