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Welcome RJ, hope all is well.

Like all of us, you would have started at the bottom of the food chain.

Now that your at the top, can you name 5 key points you feel were quintessential in achieving your success. Was there a particular mentality or work ethic you adopted?

AND what were the mistakes that we need to avoid that we might not Know we're making?
well, i dont know if its FIVE per se, but i can tell you what i think contributed most to my "success"(i still feel like im working towards being successful every day, to be honest).

1-the BIGGEST ONE-persistence. the demo that became "deadringer" got turned down by 25 labels. only a few of them even bothered telling me they didnt like it. most just ignored me. i came close to giving up on making my own record, and relegating myself to being a producer for mc's. long story short, i gave a copy of it to a friend, it made its way down the line, etc etc, got a deal. if i had given up at 5 or 10 or 20, i never would have "made it". the most successful folk are not the most talented. opportunity WILL knock for all of us, we just dont know if its going to be in 1 day or 3 years. the guy who holds out the longest for that knock is going to win. you need to be that guy. if you step out for coffee, he might be knocking just then....

2-loving the artform: i loved-still do-"making beats". and cause of it, i constantly was trying to improve myself. i spent ALL of my free time on it. to this day, i only have a couple friends, mostly because i devoted almost all of my free time to making music. ive always kept my eye on improvement.

3-recognizing opportunity: i jumped at anything that even remotely smelled like a chance. always. it took me until about 2003 or 2004 to even consider saying "no" to anything. i treated it like a hustle, and just made sure that i wasnt ever compromising my integrity to a point that i couldnt "come back down" from. so i got in the habit of just being on shit when it came my way. this was big.

that's the most important things i can think of; ill see if more come to mind.
Good answer. That's pretty interesting to hear about deadringer, thought it wouldve been picked up fairly quickly. And well said in regards to still trying to find success.