Studio Monitor Recommendation For Wall Placement


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Hi all.

I currently own a pair of Yamaha HS8 studio monitors which are decent. I have them placed, on stands behind my workstation in a spacious room that is 6m by 6m and 3m high. So there is plenty of breathe room and I get nice uncoloured audio with everything set factory flat.

However, I am moving places in the nearish future and will not have the space luxury, far from it. As such my setup will need to go very near a back wall. I might have a bit of wriggle room for the sides but nothing like I have now.

As such I wondered if you guys had any monitor recommendations for near a back wall. I notice the Adam A7x and A8x have front firing ports, so I am guessing that can live at least nearer a back wall.

Many thanks for any help.