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I am really shooting for the horror/jungle/screwed feel of SpaceGhostPurrp's production. If you listen to "All The Way Live" by Robb Bank$ you get the exact gist of what I'm going for. Those bell sounds, or whatever they are, sound like a slowed down sample from something.

I've been checking out horror movie scores, and I have omnisphere so I have been trying to make sounds myself. But I always end up getting too synthy or stringy with it and it feels new-techy. Too sing songy. I love how the All The Way Live beat literally makes your brain go WTF.

What do you guys think would be fun/wild to sample and slow down like SGP/3 6 Mafia does? It sounds like he throws some RnB vocals slowed down and panned out in there too? I've been laying down sick drum loops in maschine, but struggle to keep the vibe screwed like that. Also, this is my first post, so hello to all!
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Spaceghostpurrp has really strange beats and im not sure if he samples or composes from scratch but if you are trying to use omnisphere, veer away from the synth sounds and try using some of the more natural sounding pads and stuff and maybe find out what key that song is in so you can use similar chords.

With that being said though, dont be afraid to pave your own lane, create your own type of music. Those beats you made that sounded too "sing songy" could be dope if you stop trying to make them sound like something else. If you make beats like spaceghostpurrp you will continually be referred to as "that producer who makes spaceghostpurrp beats" and thats not what you want.
That's a good point, if you think about it SGP and other dudes didn't get where they are by mimicking. You're right on that front. But I get done with a nice drum loop on Maschine and kind of freeze up after that. I've been learning scales and chords which make melodies a second away so that helps, and now it just comes down to me practicing writing music. I think I need more of a gameplan going into a session, at least a better one than "I want to make a beat like this/that". What is your mindset going in?

I'm still in the process of finding which synth I like best and learning the fundamentals of synthesis so if one would be better than omnisphere for leads I can still make the switch. Technically I know the basics so any synth I use is now just going to come down to practice and experimentation.
When learning it's not always a bad thing to try and mimick another producer as it can teach you certain techniques but for the long term you should be just making your own sound. My mindset changes a lot in terms of what kind of music I want to make and stuff but usually I start with a melody or a sample and then build off of that. If you are struggling after making a drum loop, try making a melody or chord progression instead and then add in drums. You might find that easier or you could find it worse haha. It's hard to give you advice on such a broad topic but you just need to keep experimenting and trying to push through any creative barriers that you are facing. If something just isnt working, go back to the drawing board and try something different.
I guess the biggest issue for me is trusting myself while composing a beat. Like, all my best beats so far have been pretty accidental or based off one small breakthrough that builds into others. Music is like molding clay, but sometimes I have trouble seeing the final destination and get discouraged with my beat before I reach the stage where I can tweak it to make it sound fantastic. Obviously an arrangement will sound rough, mixdown better, and master great and sparkly, I just need to work on getting through arrangement to mixdown and tell myself that I will refine the sounds to my liking later.

When arranging, do you compose melodies and harmonies and not really pay attention to the patches/sounds you're using? Like do you write all the melodies and stuff and then do sound selection? Or do you select your sounds and then write? Or both?
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Just trust yourself, even if you know you areant very good, cos thats the only way you will learn.
After I write a melody with a certain sound I rarely ever change it, but that's just me. I find that if I use a not so good sound just to get my idea down, it doesnt translate as well with a better sound because that melody I just wrote is more suited to the not so good sound. That sounds really confusing but basically, I will find the right sound first, before writing a melody and then I will keep that same sound but maybe tweak it slightly or add an effect to it.
I'm not sure how new you are to this but if you are just starting out, dont be too focused on finding the right sound straight away, for learning purposes you will be better off just using whatever sound is somewhat suitable to the beat because that way you will get ideas down quicker which means you will make the whole beat quicker and therefore you wont get stuck (hopefully).
Let me stress though, that this is all just my opinion and what I found worked for me, you or someone else might disagree. Feel free to ask anything else though man.
Does SGP Still produce music? i haven't heard of him since Raider Klan broke up

Yeah, he does stuff for Robb Bank$ and stuff. I don't know what he's doing as of now, but he has had some great beats in the past for some big names. It's kind of funny how under the radar he slips.

As for trusting myself, I really need to. It's the only way I'll make the transition from sampling and laying basslines down to making my own melodies, harmonies, and basslines with my own sounds.

I'm only a couple months in, but I seem to be making damn good progress. But that's simply because I'm doing it from when I get off of work at 5 to midnight or later.