SP 404a or SP 404og


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Hi! I'm between SP 404og and SP404a. So, i will apreciate it if someone can write the difference between those two samplers. (For now, i know that the 1gb compact flash cards are hard to find).

--Can sp404a work standalone?
-- Is sp404a cf cards hard to find?
-- Can i connect my mpd32 to sp404a? How?

(I apologize for my poor english language)


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Hi...I got both and there is no competion between them, imo. In the event that you have 2 settle on a decision I would have, however had the 404a buy the op1 first and when u get enough $ proceed to purchase the 404a 'cause you truly need to have one the sampletime simply wow and stacking time and it gives this extraordinary sort of shape to the sound stand by for what reason am I actually composing this.


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the sp404sx and sp404a are much faster than the og because of the compact flash card in the og. but i like the vinyl sim compression of the og.
on the other side the "warble" or "warp" effect of the vinyl sim sounds better to my ears :D