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Hey guys!
What are your thoughts on this one?
Automatic classification into one-shots/loops/etc. and ... similarity search!!

Here's MGthefuture taking it for a spin:

Disclaimer: I'm involved in the development of this software. But don't go soft on me for that reason ;)
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A quick heads-up: Sononym 1.2 has just been released:
Sononym 1.2 release notes - Sononym

What's new:

  • Modernized Internals: The internals of the software have been updated, with considerable stability improvements as a result.
  • Improved Text Search: Sononym now ships with a database of related words and terms - also known as a Thesaurus.
  • Additional Filename Columns: Sononym now offers three "file" columns: one for the Filename, one for the Folder and one which contains both.
  • Optional Auto-Export: It's now possible to configure settings for Collections, including whether to automatically export files.
  • Faster Audio Previews: When stepping through search results, there should no longer be any "missed sounds" while using the keyboard.
  • Smooth Scrolling Mode: The application now offers a new scrolling method that should be especially interesting for touch/trackpad users.
  • As well as many other tweaks and bugfixes…

The full release notes are available on the Sononym website:
Sononym 1.2 release notes - Sononym


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Sononym 1.2.2 is out now -
mostly a bugfix/maintenance release with a few UX enhancements:
  • Fixed: Retain cursor position in results when deleting
  • Fixed: Guard against crashes while stepping through results
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes when quitting app during startup
  • Fixed: Auto-complete in search input could produce invalid text
  • Fixed: (mac) ‘Internal Portaudio Error’ on some systems
  • Fixed: (mac) Unable to ‘select all’ in text fields using keyboard
  • Fixed: (win) Command-line args not always passed on to app
  • Fixed: (win) Installer looking blurry on high-DPI screens
  • Tweak: Place samples that failed to analyse last in search results
  • Tweak: Submit search query on Return (don’t auto-complete)
Full release notes: