Smooth dancehall beat

Dope! I love the idea and the sound you went with!. My only critique is to perhaps use a different key synth, maybe something less harsh. Fixing the mix would really bring this track from a 6 to an 8-9 imo. Just need to fatten it up with some light compression, eqing and a limiter to bring the dynamics together.
Nice one. I like the rhythm. The only thing i'd say is some of dark string notes are off key in one part. Like at 1:14 try drop it a semitone lower. Might just be me. the snare has no life. Needs some eq, compression and some reverb on it. Most dancehall tracks have those plus it brings it out more. It sounds stiff right now.

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The flute is really cool but I would alternate the 5 note pattern with a 4 note pattern (last note cut off) in between so it doesnt sound so repetitive. The synth could use some effects, drums are solid though. I like the pad you used.