Slum (L.A. Beat/Jazz Funk Instrumental)

Braeden Bailey.

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Hi! I'm new to, and I'd really appreciate some guidance/feedback/advice.
I've been searching for a sound that is soulful and chord-heavy but still bumps in the whip.
Hope you enjoy it, honest feedback is encouraged. I'll try to respond and return feedback as much as possible.
Thanks in advance!

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I have to agree with walkemdown, the melody and sound is great. The timing on the beat makes no sense and sound completely off.
There is clearlly something wrong with the tempo. Did the sample you used have the same BPM ? And if they have, are they synced ?
Another problem is that there are no distinct moves in your song, so it won't really stuck in people's mind. You shoud try to cut your song a way that people can feel a progress in it, or a regularity.
Add a panning for the different instruments too, there are some problems with the way the highs sound (maybe lower the volume of the hi-hat too). Try to get a deeper kick (don't try too hard, just use a good plugin and configure it well).
If you exclude these little problem, I think you can do something awesome with these samples, it just needs a little rework.