Skoolys tips on buying dj equipment (LONG POST)


it's no joke my little minions if you invest in the gear and put in the practice you can get the skills to be a good or even great Dj or turntablist. Just don't get sucked into the habit of buying cheaper used equipment from a friend or a pawn shop without the proper trials first. just be weary of what you get and try to get some type of return policy if something breaks. Good luck and keep spinning.
dj equipment?? grill cheese

some like butter sum like oil = grilling / sum like american cheese some like chedder... As a turntablist i prefer 2 techs and a Rane - to cut and make mix tapes i prefer 1 table and a something to track with.. of course i h8 to admit that there are alot of generic turntables that in the pass 10 years have stepped it up... its like a bike jus go in a shop and experiment around for a couple minutes.. But yeah great post...


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Great post! I didn't know that Guitar Center did price matching. Thanks for all of the tips and insight!

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What is the best software/ controller combo? Is it the NS7/ Serato Itch? Tracktor S4? Hercules 4-MX/ Virtual DJ?... Just looking for an opinion... Are turntables far superior to software? Or are all platforms equal?


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Just got two numark tt200s. People sell them on ebay left n right really cheap. Seems like most djs wanna buy those wack ass controllers like the Numark ns7 that costs a fortune these days. In my my opinion a real dj turntble system with timecode will be always better.


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you want crossfader curve is you want to be a scratch dj. so u can be able to crab scratch. shure m447 styli for your cartridge.
technic 1200s. for vinyl or time control vinyl.

cdjs for the house djs or people who want to play techno.