Simple Question? Drum Kit Browser


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I have one question, could anyone explain why some Drum samples in my browser always repeats, while my beat is being played.

Another example, You know when your testing out drum samples to see if you want to use it or not, by clicking on them in the browser. Some samples I can play while the track is playing some repeat I'm guessing at the tempo of the beat.

Is there a fix for this or do I just have to keep pausing my beat to be able to test them out?

fyi This is not a loop points problem

Any and all help is appreciated.

The Funk Junkie

I think it would depend on what DAW you're using and its settings. In Ableton I have it set up so it will preview sounds I click in the browser starting on beat one. If it's a longer sound then it interprets it as a loop and just keeps playing it every bar or so until I stop it... Is that kinda what you're talking about?


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Yeah I'm guessing you're talking about Ableton. It does that automatically and there isn't a way to change it as far as I'm aware. My solution is to preview sounds in Finder. But maybe someone can chime in with a better suggestion