sblive + cakewalk


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i have an sblive platinum card, cakewalk, and a midi contoller.
I use Cakewalk because of the easy use of soundfonts.
Is it possible to put effects on individual tracks.
I 'm not too familiar with the whole world of midi.
Can Cubase do this with soundfonts?

Not directly. Here is what you should do:

record each track's AUDIO individually (create a new audio track each time and capture your computer's sound while playing each track).

Then when you get the raw audio material on the screen, you can mute the MIDI tracks and apply effects on portions of the audio... Direct X plugins are great for that.

I dont work much with audio in general, but this should work, good luck!

i figured that...

but it's a real hassle to constantly re-record audio after tweaking the tracks. I guess it works though.

i've been recently using buzz and soon Reason. I've been wanting to get back to sequencers. The possibilities with Reason interest me.

I've been using, Cakewalk, not for much time,and i've never used it with a midi controller, but sure its a nice package, and i like the SOundfonts.also.
I've done some pretty good hip-hop tunes with my midi controller and soundfonts but when it came to drum n bass the sound was way too clean and it was too much of a hassle to create new soundfonts and export the audio for filtering.

hey entitee,

well you can assign specific MIDI controller values to individual tracks in Cakewalk. For instance, you sequence a strings track under channel 1. Going into the piano roll, you can assign a controller value such as 91 - Reverb, 11 - Volume, 93 - Chorus....etc. You can then draw out the values to affect the values in that track inthe roll window below the piano roll values. Hope that's not too confusing. :confused:

On a different note, I really like soundfonts for their concept and ease of use, but like you, I often find some of the instruments to be flat and what I like to call "gameboy-esque" for their similarities with nintendo's 4-channel 8-bit cheese.

SBLive! is a good card and a great value. But I would recommend trying out some different sound synths other than soundfonts. I have a 50 meg soundfont and I abandoned it for Reason's softsynths, and my kurzweil's sampling system - it's a world of difference! I think you'll enjoy Reason...
yeah Reason is pretty nice.
I played with the demo.

Also, I've been using programs like Softsynth to make my basslines lately and Ive finally evolved to processing my sounds with compressors, limiters, and effects.
I think I'm ready for Reason.
Yeah .i've also tried reason, Butthe Interface is too hard. and can anyone please tell how o work on the NN-19 sampler.:cry: