Sax Smooth Jazz track F4F

Thanks for the feedback! And yes that is me playing! I checked out your beats, the best one is Dragon's Den! It is ready for Rick Ross and Lil Wayne! Keep working! Again, thanks for the feed!
Thanks for the feedback. Your mixing skills are off the chain! But 21 min? You may need to break it up IMHO.
Wow welcome to 1987, that is called a mixtape in my signature line. It is when you take a large amount of songs so they play seamlessly through one track or side of the tape. That is almost like me asking what midi keyboard you used to play the sax sound on your track. Hah.
I left a link in that post to a single song of scratch music, consider it crap/noise just as they did with jazz music when it it hit the main stream. Seeing as you play the sax (and play it great at that) I posted that song as an invitation for a new sound. Obviously my one line of feedback and one link was to much to read, click and you skipped all the way to my sig block.

Ignorance or not great track and thank you for the compliment.
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