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SampleTank 3 Now Shipping!
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We are proud to announce that SampleTank 3, the ultimate sound and groove workstation for Mac and PC, is now shipping. SampleTank 3 sets a new industry standard for studio composition and live performance via its massive 33 GB sound library (containing over 4,000 instruments), 64-bit compatibility, completely redesigned user interface, 55 high-quality effects, new loop and groove management and enhanced sample engine. Powerful, functional and effortless, SampleTank 3 puts a whole new world of sound at your fingertips.

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The reason SampleTank has remained the industry standard “rompler” after all these years is due to the superior quality and sheer amount of sounds it offers right out of the box. SampleTank 3 pushes the benchmark even further by giving musicians a wider selection than ever before, with over 4,000 instruments to choose from in 21 categories that stretch across every genre and style imaginable — everything from acoustic to electric, ethnic to electronic and beyond.

All of SampleTank 3’s sounds have been sampled and painstakingly crafted by IK’s team of professional audio engineers, with new lifelike expressiveness thanks to SampleTank 3 multiple articulations and new “round-robin” features. Musicians will enjoy the depth and nuance of their favorite instruments like never before: SampleTank 3’s pianos, drums, basses, guitars, synthesizers, brass, strings, vocals and other more exotic sounds shine brightly and stand out in any mix with little-to-no adjustment required.
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An elegant, easy to use, interface
Harnessing the power of SampleTank has never been easier thanks to its freshly redesigned user interface. Its workflow has been streamlined into three main pages that let you work with 16 distinct “parts,” which operate like a channel on a mixing board or a track in a DAW: The Play interface is where you’ll play, search, browse, layer and adjust SampleTank 3’s instruments. The Mix interface gives you the flexibility of a multitrack console-style DAW mixer that lets you process sound through SampleTank 3’s many versatile effects. And the Edit interface lets you tweak sounds through a full-featured synthesizer engine, 3 advanced sampling engines and a host of 10 filters. Now you have not only the power but also the ease-of-control to create any sound you desire.

Get into the groove
Want to start jamming over complete tracks? Now you can with SampleTank 3’s new built-in MIDI engine. It lets you build killer rhythmic tracks from its library of 2,500 audio loops and 2,000 MIDI patterns.

Enough effects to fill a recording studio

SampleTank 3 comes with a lot of effects to choose from — 55 to be precise. All of these have been derived from IK’s professional-grade T-RackS and AmpliTube software and feature eye-catching graphics and ear-pleasing sound that will make you feel like you’re in the recording studio with some of the most coveted audio hardware of all time.

Pricing and availability:

SampleTank 3 is available now from music and electronics retailers worldwide and from the IK Online store until September 30, 2014 at introductory prices as low as $149/€119.99 for SampleTank 2 XL or Miroslav Philharmonik full users; $199/€159.99 for users of any other paid IK software, hardware or app; and $299.99/€239* for new users. Afterwards, the final price will increase to $199.99/€159.99, $249.99/€199.99 and $349.99/€279.99 respectively. The boxed version will be shipping in the second half of August 2014.

* Prices are excluding Taxes. JamPoints can be used. Invoicing and charge will be made at order receipt, and product will be shipped by end of July.

Users who purchased and registered SampleTank 2 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik full, Total Workstation, or Total Studio up to 2009 will automatically receive free JamPoints in their User Area. Use these free JamPoints (45 JamPoints if you are purchasing it in Dollar, 36 JamPoints if you are purchasing it in EUR) on the IK Online Store to redeem 30% off the introductory price of SampleTank 3.

T. Gundersen

New member
1) I'm a IK Multimedia customer who feel dissatisfied with the way you discontinued Philharmonik and other products for 64-bit platforms. What is saying you won't abandon your products again, leaving my arrangements based on your plug-ins (I had the total studio bundle, so that's a lot of plug-ins) worthless.

2) This JamPoint concept makes my soul cry. I really wish you would stop with gimmicky pricing structures and just make good products with good support and sell them at straight up reasonable prices.

I have earlier been a heavy advocate for your products, as well as purchased quite a few of them myself, but I must admit I feel too badly burned to support your company in any way until you get a more straight-forward, honest approach to handling your products and customers.


IK Multimedia
Unfortunately, technology changes, progresses and advances. SampleTank 3 is fully 64 bit with no 32 bit available for this very reason. We've updated ALL of our other software to 64 bit for FREE. That includes T-Racks, CSR and ARC. That also includes new AAX versions - for FREE.

We haven't even abandoned our old Virtual Instruments, they still work and do what they say on the box in 32 bit. SampleTank 3 is the new workstation from IK that is fully 64 bit. If we have hurt your feelings, I'm very sorry and I'm not sure what we can do to make it better? If you feel our support team has treated you unfairly, please PM me your ticket number and I'll be sure to bring it to the support manager's attention to get it taken care of and improve our Custom Support in the future.

As for leaving old projects unworking - All DAWs do this. Every single plug in. They get updates. Then somethings don't work in old projects. Get in the habit of rendering your track stems if you want future proof compatibility in whatever DAW and plug in bundle you'll be using in the future. This is how older Tape sessions worked. The tape had the tracks and they'd play them in any studio with any console mixer with whatever rack FX they had. It works very similar in the box. Render your stems with no FX and again with FX. Save those as your project files and you don't have to worry about opening a project and an error popping up from an old plug in, DAW version or even OS.