Rock 'n Pop Beat [f4f]

Mr. Gamble

New member
Guitar Rock beat is dope. I didnt think I would like it but, it has a cool vibe to it. I like it a lot! Keep up the good work man!


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Nice one ! I've tried a lot of times to make a beat with an acoustic guitar and never got anything that sounded very good. This isn't quite there yet but close ! My suggestion would be maybe a stronger bassline, I feel like that would do a lot. And MAYBE try adding a more electric guitar, more distorted, in there somewhere ? that might work (or it might sound like shit haha it's just an idea). Anyways good work, I really like acoustic stuff like this.
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Medicine Man
Guitars are nice, I like the variations in them. Almost has a mafia vibe to it which is pretty dope actually. Good job on this....Keep it up.
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