RJD2's from Columbus, so am I!



I just thought it was cool that your from Columbus. I live in Hilliard to be exact you know where it is? Im gonna put the place on the map one day!
I have also spent significant time in Columbus...Shouts out to Black Box, Cleveland Ave. fam, Livingston Ave. fam, 161 fam, Easton, Ft. Hayes & Mifflin... holla!
I used to kick it on the east side too^ ha my ace stay on elaine livingston and hamilton....I was livin on 12th in university commons....party town
lol I live on the rich ass white side (west side) in hilliard which is kinda sad
its all good lol, I spent a lot of time over there, got some friends that work in the area. Only reason I evr went west besides that was to goto graffitti burger!