(REVIEW) Timehead - overlook

mano 1

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Artist name: Timehead - James Hutchinson
Song name: overlook

Download the MP3 ehre: http://www1.getoutthere.bt.com/music/charts/downloadagree.cfm?fuseaction=download&trackid=4368


Okay, first let me say that James is one of my first inspirations, not for music but for graphic design.. He was the key designer of a website that rocked the world (basically) back in the days (today it's not online anymore). Furthermore, James is a very nice guy and a friend.

The music? Well surprisingly this is the first track I listen from him, and I like it quite a lot. It's booming, it keeps you going, it's different. Wicked drum sounds and jumpy bass line, classic vocal samples (from movies?), the bassline again (funky somewhere).

I wish the best to James for his future. I'm off to play "overlook" for th e6th time in a row!

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