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Hi Guys,

My question is this; As a producer working independently of any record company, I have just embarked on a University project with a local band. I was wondering who would own the copyright on the recordings? and who would own the copyright on the final mixes?

I know the artist/songwriter would own the copyright on the songs but would I be entitled to a royalty in the case they use my recordings to make money?

I know I'd have to make an agreement with the band but i'm just not sure what to suggest or ask for.

I have tried to read the Music Managers Bible but it seems geared up towards people working with record companies and so this does not apply to me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Thankyou for your reply.

So does this suggest I should just discuss it with the band and put an agreement down on paper?
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Absent an agreement, you might have a copyright in the sound recording. You might be co-owners of the copyright with the members of the band. Like dwells mentioned, it all depends on the situation, but generally speaking, copyright ownership in a sound recording extends to all who had a hand in recording and performing. What this means in real life is that, absent an agreement, things could get real ugly and messy real fast. And, most third parties are leery of dealing with any copyrighted work that doesn't have a clear chain of title.

So yeah, having any paperwork is better than having none. The exact terms (like royalties) are entirely up to you and the band.