Progressive rock MIDIs


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So, we transcribe MIDI files for private clients and orders usually contain a lot of progressive rock. It's technically challenging in nature and then there's Jordan Rudess. It can take us days to lay down tracks from this artist before we've even programmed a note.

We have a few showcased in our custom work playlist on YouTube. Some JR, Yes, ELP, Kansas, Angel, UFO and more. If anyone would like a listen, let me know and I'll send the link.

Nice that you mention Jordan Rudess. I know that he makes complex music, but never realized it would be that difficult.
JR probably makes some of the most difficult music we've ever worked with. We've made 4 songs for clients so far. Go to Supreme MIDI, search "Rudess" in our search area and listen to the samples.

We've also made a track from one of his bands Liquid Tension Experiment.

Incredibly complex songs but not impossible.