Post pictures of your studio!

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Nope the booth is an entirely different room than the mixing room as you can see they are separated by the glass
I've always wondered just how much studio equipment changes the production experience.
There's some really cool shit on here but I guess I can't really fathom how useful it is.

First Album drops on the 22nd and I'm still making bedroom beats with a laptop and headphones.

EDIT : This is an old picture btw.. I've changed a few things and removed some of the diffusers.

EDIT 2 : Here's the gearlist

Instruments :

Jose Ribera Classic Pro II
SQ Telecaster Mod
SQ Vint Mod Jazz Bass
Startone SAS-75

Yamaha PSR-2
Roland JX8-P
Novation Mininova
Akai Rhythm Wolf

Amps :

Vox Pathfinder Bass 10
Vox Pathfinder

Studio :

Fostex PM1mk2
Technics SB-102
Sony G3
Sony TA-AX 22

Allen&Heath Zed 10FX
Behringer U-Control 49
Pioneer PD-004
Omnitronic DB-100
Presonus Firepod 10
XXL Mr. Brown

Microphones :

AKG C2000B
T-Bone SC300
T-Bone EM-700 stereo pair

DJ :

Mackie D.4 Pro
Formula Sound PM-90
Akai APC-40
Reloop RP-5000 M3D w/ Ortofon Concorde x2
Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 x2
Macbook Pro
Patchblocks x2
Novation Nocturn 25
Behringer FCA202

Headphones :

Shure SRH-750DJ
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A studio setup doesn't have to look too expensive, as long as all the needed instruments are available, you're good to go. Nice setups I'm seeing here though.

A couple of weeks ago I moved to this bedroom.
I used to have a relatively spacious room, but this works.

Love it, sitting or lying in bed and making some music, or just chatting, listening to music. Nice and cozy. :cool:
Ok, so...


Bought myself a nice set of speakers, the KS Digital C8-Reference, and a new pair of headphones, The Audeze LCD-X Creator Edition.

Bought the C8's from B-Stock, saved myself some cash!

Mijn Studio1.jpgMijn Studio2.jpg


One final update probably, it's because I have a new pair of headphones.
Yeah, the Audeze are going to be returned.

Now I have the AKG K812 (as you can see in the pic), and this one I absolutely love. (Finally... tried quite a few headphones...)

So should be the final update. I have everything what I need now.



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