Post pictures of your studio!


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I'm a studio/session musician, mostly jazz keyboard and doing my own editing, mixing, mastering, and distribution. I use a Roland Tri-capture USB interface and a Mackie MIX12FX. I've got an old Boss JS-5 JamStation for some quick beats, but mostly use EZDrummer2 with Reaper v5 to custom build any beats I can't find in my sound library. I also have a Hosa Audio Switcher so I can back and forth between my Yamaha HS8s and Roland MA-8 monitors. My mike rig is a Shure SM-58. Someday I'd like to get an SM-7 when I can afford it. I got the acoustic treatment tiles online from Amazon: Pro Studio Acoustics - 12"x12"x1" Acoustic Wedge Foam Absorption Soundproofing Tiles, they're $40 a dozen. My wife made the quilt on the wall over my studio desk, which does a good job of echo dampening. My son made the desk unit from oak plywood, cost me about $250 for the materials, he did the labor. He also made the headphone stand (I'm a lucky man). When I'm mixing, I do my preliminary mix in the phones, then the HS8s. I also check the performance on the Roland micro-monitors and my SanDisk ClipSport MP3 player, and my car stereo. Since I got the HS8s, I've had to make a lot fewer changes in my mixes because they are so accurate. I used to have Rokit 5's, but they always over-accentuated the bass ranges and it was hard to sort out the "mud" if you know what I mean.
03 New Studio 2016.JPG14 Studio Mic Rig.jpg12 Daniel's Custom Headphone Stand.JPG
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Nope the booth is an entirely different room than the mixing room as you can see they are separated by the glass


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I've always wondered just how much studio equipment changes the production experience.
There's some really cool shit on here but I guess I can't really fathom how useful it is.

First Album drops on the 22nd and I'm still making bedroom beats with a laptop and headphones.


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EDIT : This is an old picture btw.. I've changed a few things and removed some of the diffusers.

EDIT 2 : Here's the gearlist

Instruments :

Jose Ribera Classic Pro II
SQ Telecaster Mod
SQ Vint Mod Jazz Bass
Startone SAS-75

Yamaha PSR-2
Roland JX8-P
Novation Mininova
Akai Rhythm Wolf

Amps :

Vox Pathfinder Bass 10
Vox Pathfinder

Studio :

Fostex PM1mk2
Technics SB-102
Sony G3
Sony TA-AX 22

Allen&Heath Zed 10FX
Behringer U-Control 49
Pioneer PD-004
Omnitronic DB-100
Presonus Firepod 10
XXL Mr. Brown

Microphones :

AKG C2000B
T-Bone SC300
T-Bone EM-700 stereo pair

DJ :

Mackie D.4 Pro
Formula Sound PM-90
Akai APC-40
Reloop RP-5000 M3D w/ Ortofon Concorde x2
Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 x2
Macbook Pro
Patchblocks x2
Novation Nocturn 25
Behringer FCA202

Headphones :

Shure SRH-750DJ
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A studio setup doesn't have to look too expensive, as long as all the needed instruments are available, you're good to go. Nice setups I'm seeing here though.


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A couple of weeks ago I moved to this bedroom.
I used to have a relatively spacious room, but this works.

Love it, sitting or lying in bed and making some music, or just chatting, listening to music. Nice and cozy. :cool:


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Ok, so...


Bought myself a nice set of speakers, the KS Digital C8-Reference, and a new pair of headphones, The Audeze LCD-X Creator Edition.

Bought the C8's from B-Stock, saved myself some cash!

Mijn Studio1.jpgMijn Studio2.jpg