Playing with my new objects (Syncing up with Ableton & P5.js)


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Easy everyone!

These past 2-months I've been working on [_new world], an object-driven library built in Javascript. It uses real-time MIDI data to display audio-reactive visuals in the browser.

To break this down a little... Using the webmidi library, the app listens for MIDI triggers passed from an active Ableton Live session. This MIDI information is passed into a localhost session where attributes such as channel, note velocity, and note-length are used to compose active modules & on-screen animations.

Today I developed some new modules for the library, and wanted to share the progress.


Anyone approaching audio & visuals in a similar fashion? Would love to discuss/explore.


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nice! it's like each session is you and your system communicating in it's own, your own language.
amazing. i like how it's so quick, without delays. the applied theory is elegant too.