oh god.. so confused.



ok its all deleted,
im imaging no-one answerd becuase it was to dumb.
but ok.. can i ask this..
i have 18 tracks on my desk, and i bought the SB live platinum becuase i was told its a good card for production..
but how do i put the desk into the card? becuase the card only has 2 line-ins..
so how does it work? if im recording 5 tracks on the desk does that mean i'll have 5 tracks on puter or just 1 or 2..
im not getting this..
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hey sorridsky,

hmm,... can you clarify a bit? The SBLive! card only has one line in on the card. There is an auxilliary card that has a SPDIF in, and an optical with optical in. Those are the only audio inputs that I know of. To that end, you should be able to connect everything into one of these inputs and go from there. if you connect a mixer to one of these inputs and the mixer has five sources, those five sources will be mixed down into the one input for the SBLive.