oh boy...



hello all,

i have problems!!!!! hehe

using cubase:

when i first started cubase it said it could take two channels although i can only record from one input.. does this mean i can split the left/right of the RCA input on the soundcard into 2 differnt tracks?.. so i can send aux 1 to the left and aux 2 to the right.. thus being able to DI and mic my guitar and record two mono channels so i can get a better sound and balance EQ it for the DI and mic?
and if i can, how do i do so?

is it true i cant mix mono and stereo tracks? .. i dont mind having all mono.. but can i easly change stereo to monoor the other way around?
cheers guys!

and im using a XLR- jack lead for the mics ,theres a lot of hiss.. i have to have the gain tuned up full on the mic.. can i combat this in cubase? is there a plug in where can i get it?

when im recording audio.. theres a huge delay from the audio going in and then comming back out.. making it impossible to record more than one audio track..
any idea's... on the audio set-up
there a is box marked "delay copmpensayion plug-in" but it makes no differnce..

how do i convert a midi track into an audio track

using vienna sound studio.. i have recorded a bunch of wav's and made soundfonts but i cant use them with the drum editor on cubase.

i have an SB live platinum and cubase VST v.5thanks guys!!
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maybe you should have taken it slower rather than to go out and blow tons of cash on stuff you dont know how to use.
acid is a good one to start with, or mixman, but are harder to record original stuff with.
Thus stuff ain't easy, its like learning how to play guitar or piano or anything like that, it takes awhile, dont expect instant results.
As for your specific problems, I don't really know, maybe someone else here does. Sorry