Official Twitter Thread



I think i've just joined the addiction thanks to Guilty ... lol kinda
the next best thing closest to blog except that people will actually
see you unlike the 12391834 blogs that get 1 hit a month ha
I guess i'll be updating and respoding pretty regularly seem like alot
of well known artists I connect with are up there as well ... Bout
to start joining allt he random convos on the go

Follow me, hit me up, drop ya links !
Everyones gonna get addicted and be jumping in and out
of random convos ... lol
The-Chronics89 said:
I had an amazing opportunity come my way through my blog last month, so I'm all for stuff like this after that lol.
awwwww man I got a myspace friend request like 4 days ago from a great singer...she had an amazing voice...she told me to check out her stuff and tell her what I think...

Now I wrote her an email that I like her voice and want to work with her on some songs. Asked her a couple of question about music...

4 days - no response.....and she read my email

stupid *****....she just missed an opportunity
all her songs were covers from the 90s...I mean if she wanna do this forever and sing those songs to her grandma...SMH...its her loss
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I don't even know what it is but I signed up so nobody could sign up as me and ruin my good name

... and to all of the people that ever pissed me off... your name has been taken by me.... muaaahahahahaha!

Nah, add me ... or something ... or whatever it is you're supposed to do.
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Trenchant said:
i don't have a twitter. you can't make me!!!

Image if 1,000 people followed you on twitter and you could say
all the crazy stuff you do here and people were tuning in just to
see what you say and respond/inetract to your thoughts & posts
like here but larger scale ... lol i'd follow just to see hilarious thoughts

I didn't like it at first either, till I seen a bunch of known artists
conversating regularly with everyone.
Haha ... Im suppose to be doing a flyer for a client (Club & Radio
Station) and I keep getting distracted ... smh
i wonder how nigga are getting work done while twittering
i think nahright starter a long as convo about ghostface and cam'ron
that lasted for two hours