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I have just begun my journey into Midi with the Keyrig49 and Pro Tools 8.

I can't believe how easy it is to record using Midi...I shoulda been doin this shyte years ago!

Here's my problem: the Keyrig49 has no knobs at all...just the two wheels (modulation and pitch bend) and the volume slider.

I want to know if there's a Midi controller out there that is all knobs? I'm looking at all of the knobs on the plugins I've got and I'm sure it would be much easier if I had multiple knobs, lots of 'em, to control the knobs on the various interfaces- as opposed to trying to figure out how to use the Keyrig as both an instrument and a controller...



There's plenty. In the cheap but decent category, you've got the Korg nanoKontrol, Novation's Nocturn and Akai's response to Korg (the LPD8) and Behringer's BCR2000. Then there's a few more expensive ones - which aren't strictly knob boxes though - like the CME BitStream 3X & Novation's Zero SL.

Also a lot of old and new devices from smaller manufacturers which can be found 2nd hand; Kenton Spin Doctor, Doepfer Pocket Dial etc. etc. Doepfer also has DIY kits for rotary encoders, so you could build your own custom box if you want to as well.