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i dunno what it is, a hard, or strings or something in the back ground but it just dont sit write to me, sounds a bit out of place everytime they strum it, think its cause it seems to be coming across a bit dominant when it kicks in, and also the sweep before the chorus to me doesnt fit, but i like the drum pattern and the vocal over it, good work mate

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thanks guys

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I just edited it I took out the heys and fixed the 1st chord


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ill sample. Sounds dope brah. I wish the drums bumped harder. Sounds really flat i think if you got it a lil wider and fatter sounding would be a banger!


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Its good, I like it. Good sample arrangement. I would remove those 808 kit percussions, then again thats just my opinion


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1st post.

I like it already... but yea... its a REAL dope sample and arrangement, but the 808s hats and opens aint that matchin with it. but otherwise its real dope. keep it up


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Good track man, maybe take out the cowbell sound though near the end of some of the bars, oh yeah, and that sweep is a bit powerful..maybe turn it down or switch it with a reversed cymbal. Weellll done

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I like this man, I think the drums could be a bit harder, well knock a bit harder..u know. The transitions are pretty smooth for what your aiming for. Id fatten the bass up...other than that...its all good

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The hi hats don't really fit with me. I'd just switch the sample you are using or come up with a pattern with more swing to it. That rise is out of place a little too. The 808 vow bell could be replaced with something too.


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Dope samples, good drum programming. and i can never get enough cowbell; beats tight!
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im diggin this sample is dope i think i heard it some where b4 neways i like what you did with it
the drums could hit a lil harder.. dope beat tho im really feelin this keep it up peace

wow i thought i had already commented i like this dope i'm not really a fan of sampling but this is dope.