New R&B / Pop beat 'So In Love'


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Fell into a pop/r&b vibe with this one after being asked to recreate a track and then having things go awry with the artist. Definitely need to keep adding more transitions if I want to work on more modern stuff.
Leave a comment and a link to your own track and I'll do the same. Cheers fam.



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I would tone down the snap a bit, look up mastering techniques / try using Ozone.

Not. The snap is fine unless he re-up'ed his song. It's got the rght amount of NR on it. Good job on keeping the high hats in check.
You want things to slap unless it's like 9 dB e.g. above the rest of the song. If the snaps were slapping too loudly, then he should
use Izotope Ozone 9's Master Rebalancer --> Set to `Drums` --> Lower the lever down to -1.5 to -3.0 dBs.
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