New lookin to see what some studios look like 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Just introducing myself to the room. I’m new to this and still learning. So if you have anything to help me be a better music producer, I’m all ears. Im looking for some videos for mixing and mastering and I also wanted to get some ideas for studios. Like sound proofing and etc? This is just a little introduction I will be active on here a lot more!
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Hey Shawn!

What's man! I'm new here myself.

A little about me - started experimenting with Garageband and then graduated to Logic Pro X. One thing I've learned is that it really doesn't matter what you use, what matters is how much you dedicate yourself to your craft and to finding your sound.

Videos, MusicTech YouTube channel ( has been a great source for me in learning some great stuff about the details of producing. It just depends what genre you're into - KC Sounds has been a great resource for me as well (

Good luck man!


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I do not have a physical facility at this time. Will be rebuilding soon. This is my old place, though. Any questions, let me know...