New Chill Vibe Kendrick Lamar Type Beat f4f

I really like this beat man but I feel like it would be a lot harder with some heavy bass, maybe try layering your kick with an 808 and see how you like it. if you wanna give me some feedback you can check out my beats at

thanks im gonna try that and see how it sounds.....i like your composition style...i think you just need some higher quality sounds...i like dragons den i feel the strings coulda been eq'd and blended a little more...sly is my favorite one tho...

thanks again for the feedback

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I need more feedback cmon yall
- Nice sample
- Definitely can hear Kendrick on this -- def sounds like something that couldve went on his album
- Vibe is great
- I would power the pitch of the snare just to give it a thicker sound
- The kick's need to be reworked as well -- they could knock WAY more
- Maybe turn up the tempo just a little bit
- Love the simplicity of the beat as well

Has potential man -- just work on the mix!

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