Neptunes Drum Kits (Alicia Keys Engineer)



Alicia Keys engineer Ann Mincieli created these drum kits from the session with Lupe Fiasco's latest unauthorized song with Alicia Keys "Love Letter to the Beat"...Alicias' vox were used without permission on Chad Hugo's beat so AK's engineer posted a download link with Chad Hugo's drums from the session as caveat against releasing the song....The kit includes .snd files for MPC users as well.....enjoy

Download Link

P.S. - There are some other well known neptunes kits in here as well...Lots of drums & sounds
Is this forreal? I def already have some of these sounds in other "Neptune Kits" and a lot of the samples sound like they could've been cut out from an actual Neptunes' song, especially kit 4 I know there are often bogus kits floating around on the web. Just wondering.

first why does he have like 200 drums in a session (impossible)

and i hear so many modern beats sounds in here

thumbs down my friend