Need Help with my Audioqualitiy


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Hey there, I am new here so sorry if there like common threads out there.

So I am into making music since 4 years now and I started with 0 knowledge about how to make music. I started with hiphop beats and since like end of last year I started making Trance/Techno music.
I started releasing on Soundcloud like a Month ago and it went pretty well so far. BUT when I heard the immense different of my quality and the quality of People I follow or listen to I was shocked.
I am not saying I am a pro in mixing but I think/thought I am quite good by now. In my mixes I leave some headroom for master of course about -6 sometimes a bit less and try to ballance everything with eq, compression, reverb, leveling, panning, sidechaining and all that.
For Mastering I am using Bandlab, because I was actually quite happy with the results and I don't have money for enginieers.
So I checked the loudness of my master (Photo)
and as you can see I can't really go louder (maybe I can but if I don't know how)

So here is My track
and here a reference from someone else where you can hear the difference.

And I feel like almost every song I listen to sound better than mine.
So why is that. Do they have the better Master? Or ist my Mix that terrible?
Or is that because they actually use Hardware like drumcomputers?
Like I tried that jaycen joshua technique where they try to emulate the Analog sound with the R bass and the NLS stuff on my drum and bass bus. I watched hundreds of videos on how to get the perfect mix but I NEVER came close to this sound and I am really wondering if it is even possible to sound like that with just digital Sound.
Hope someone knows
I've struggled with this stuff too (And I still am). But if you can get rid of loud peaks in your tracks you can mix your song louder and it can also sound more balanced and full. Try some saturation on your kicks and snares. If you use saturation right you can turn your tracks down in volume but they will SOUND louder. Limiters and clippers are also good tools to shave off loud transients.

I think your kick, snare and hihats are generally too loud (compared to the reference track)