need help starting a studio



Please tell me what i would need to start a studio, and if you could please tell me how much it would cost. My style is hip hop/rap.
I'm not gonna mention 50 million components, but as far as sound goes; 3 things...

1. Synth/Sequencer
2. Digital Sampler
3. Drum Machine

or get something that's a combination of the 3

It depends on how much money you got to spend though which will determine what you get...If money is an issue, try getting used equipment...eBay comes to mind, they got all kinds of used gear for sale...for making beats I would look for a used Ensoniq ASR-10 you should be able to get one for under $1000..The ASR-10 is a sampler/sequences keyboard with built in effects

as far as new you can get an Akai MPC2000XL for about $1300 (it is a sequencer/sampling drum machine...or you can get an Ensoniq ASR-X Pro Sampler/synth/drum maching for $900

Alesis has a cheap drum machine for $199(it is very good)
I recommend a pair of good reference monitors if you are pretty serious about the final mix.