need help on deciding about mixer!



Hey boys and girls!

I was just offered to buy a Yamaha ProMix 01, a digital mixer as most of you guys might know. The thing is, I'm getting a sick good deal on it, so my q is:

Has anybody worked with this one, does it sound OK and most of all, is it somewhat reasonable to use? So far I've only worked with a pretty simple analog Mackie 12-channel, so I'm a little bit wary here.

Help me out, please.
oh yes man the Promix is fine... it's a good digital mixer.. it is a little old, but you can always expand it later and keep it.

I had a Mackie 1604VLZ PRO (analog) and I must say the next time i'll get a mixer it will be a digital yamaha (probably 01V with ADAT add-on).

You're going to have fun. I bet you had a good deal on it.. this table is getting old and with all those 01V out there, the Promix 01's price is getitng low-lowww.

take care
Ya I got one and I love it ! :)

Total recall, two FX processors, 3 compressors, the EQ is not a must, but the full automation is such a great thing !!!

It's the paradise ! You feel bored with one of your tracks, save your mix and recall the mix of an older track...believe me, it's great. I had an old Tascam MM1 before and for each mix I had to write all the settings on paper...

And yes you can find Promix 01 for cheap now, go for it ! ;)
OK, thanks. You guys have convinced me, now I just have to shell out the money (I just bought a bunch of other stuff so I'm a little strapped for cash right now) and I'm on.
I was a little worried there that since it's a little old, it might have some bugs and stuff but if you think it's a good buy, then I'll do it.
well, sounds like promix for mattu :D ... cool dude, sounds like u have good taste judging from the replies ... talking about the lack of bugs, i reckon that friendly little spider of yours is cleaning any errant bugs up around futureproducers ...

...i still am just on a mackie, but i love these things...
I love the hands-on approach of the Mackies, anyone can use them and they sound very clear and neutral. I just thought I needed to get a little bit more hi-tech, gotta expand a bit.

We'll see, I'm tempted as hell and most likely I'll go through with the deal, I just need to check out if I should forget the rent or the food next month.

Yeah, that spider is really evil!:D
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The only thing i don't like about the Promix is you can hear a really low frequency tapping sound that the automation makes. so when you master besure to man the controls. besides that, its awesome.
mattu said:
We'll see, I'm tempted as hell and most likely I'll go through with the deal, I just need to check out if I should forget the rent or the food next month.

hey dude, maybe your lovable furry friend would be prepared to share his insect stach with you, but then he might get a big ego, and start bossing you around (imagine a high pitched angry voice) "Hey ! Mattu! Do this ! Do That! Make me breakfast make meee BReakfasst!! Now clean the table! I want a new web! a new web i say!"
Ag, he doesn't need a web, he sleeps in my bed and I feed him with small children.
Hey dude is that low clicking noise from the automation an issue? it means u have to do it manually eh, when recording thru it to disk...but saving setups would be hot fish and chips....

...PS what's his name?
its not super noticable, but yeah, that means manually. i think its just the programing bug it has. How much are you buying it for?
oh yeah 350? go for it. its a nice mixer man, for that price you can't beat it.

Is it ADAT by the way? just wondering