my unusual approach to making audio-visuals


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What's good! These past few weeks, I've been working on [_new world], an object-driven library built in Javascript & Ableton. It uses real-time MIDI data to display audio-reactive visuals in the browser and utilises a module-based system that can mix-and-match web technologies such as Three.js, D3, P5, blender export loaders, and even TouchDesigner exports.

I thought I'd share some thoughts on how this works, including some showcasing of the project <3

I hope you enjoy <3

D x
ZOMG!!!!! That is astoundingly awesomely NICE.

Please put up more of either the sound or the visuals (or both) of that "SENTIEN" biit.
The visuals are of course transcendent, but the sonic audio music sounds REALLY good... I love that style. SMART!

What are your personal links to your content, I'd like to stay tapped into that?

By the way, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifest as well as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and probably Tipper and maybe also Hybrid, they'd all probably be prime clients immediately. No jokes about that at all. World class, world famous, top notch clients. I think they need to know about you and you need to know about them.




Meat Beat Manifesto (various; also seek "The Forger" on YouTube)

I'm not trying to "drop names", I just can practically taste the networking.

DUDE, you are seriously programmatically stacked (loaded).
If I ever get anywhere with my own stuff, I'll be SERIOUSLY trying to find you again for music video stuff.
Keep on keepin' on. You are clearly cutting edge.
LOL, do I sound impressed?

Again, if you have a vimeo, or youtube, or soundcloud, or, or dropbox or website or whatever please let us know! DEEEEEEP.