My newest beat...finally something up beat :)

returning your feed:

Good work on this one.. you are def on your way fam. I love the filters you use and the way it starts off (intro) is perfect.
looking forward to hearing more from you!
Kick could be a little harder imo, the melody works for what you were going for. I like when you add the synth to it, nice contrast. Overall pretty nice, keep workin!
Yo, this is tight. The volume of the track is a bit low, tho.. Other than that it's pretty solid. As LTZbeatz said - sounds young money-ish..Which i like, cuz it reminds me of the hard shit lil wayne used to put out back in the better days.
Practice those ears for better mixing and control of those levels, each instrument can shine.. but mostly for more emphasis on the drums
Keep it up man!

If you've got time, take a look/listen to my showcase post here and return some feedback!

Would be greatly appreciated
Peace out
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Thanx guys for the feedback. I noticed that the beat was a bit low too. I will be returning all feedback shortly.

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Joint is tight... But why is it recorded so low? Loses all the punch... Mix is clean though.. BY FAR the cleanest I've heard in this group.. (Returning after 6 yrs so don't hold me to that)...

Overall I give this joint a "B"
Im feelin this one homie, definitely Young Moneyish! Like everyone else said, the mix is a bit low, but other than nice work on the track, the synth and the snare rolls especially were dope.

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