My new Techno/Rave track


It's intresting, but i find that around 1:05 the abrupt changes between melody lines leads to a fractured and disjointed narrative breaking the mood of the piece. Such a construct might work in cases where you have enough cool stuff going on to warrant abrupt changes in a few melody lines (AKA Iglooghost's Neo Wax Bloom, specifically Göd Grid), but I definetely think that you should add gentler movements and maybe play the same melody at least twice to ensure the listener can capture it in their heads. This music is slightly "too full" as well, so i suggest adding just a little bit more consistency in your music to keep listeners engaged. Try listening to Göd Grid to see how a high musical diversity can be mastered.
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Interesting comment but i am happy with it. another techno/rave arrangement of Ukrainian folk song coming very soon
Making the melody twice would make it completely folk and not techno/rave