My first songs need feedback!

Hey djadree

Some notes sound a bit off (out of key) in the bassline. Sometimes it's nice other times not so. I like to play out of key too so I get it :-) I am learning how to do it nicely.
The balance of the other synth, in the left, would be better if it was wider in the mix and more central. With the bass line firmly in the middle. It would feel more complete.

Fall in Love Again
This has a nice vibe to it. I think with some better instruments it would be even better. Which computer software and instruments are you using? Again though some notes sound out of key. It also has the vibe, as with the last one, of a performance rather than a song with structure. There is something about repetition in a track that lets the audience get used to the track, then they think it's good. Weird how that works but this track doesn't give you a chance to get to know what is coming. Which is important sometimes.

Club Night
Much the same as the last two. I think it would be good to look at the structure your favourite songs have. Songs with singers like pop singers or R&B singers. Not movie scene music. It might benefit your production. I hear a lot of ideas, which reminds me of when I started producing. I could get a couple of tracks out of a single track because I was exploring. Your tracks sound like you are exploring still. Which is all good. Keep producing !