My Film Soundtracks in 2014 (opinions and tips needed)


Hey guys, my name is Andre Fernandes (some may know me from previous posts) and I am an European composer and sound designer. I completed 10 US Movies and TV series in 2014 and I would like to share some of my Music with you. I mix a lot of "real instrument" recordings with the use of VSTi and MIDI, same for the production side (analogue + digital). I would like to get some feedback and tips on how to improve my overall sound, both emulating and producing (have in mind that, specially for film, I am not a big defender of volume and master compression). Thanks.

Here are some examples (trying to post some varitey, style-wise):

A) For this track I recorded drums, bass and guitar on a full analogue studio, on tape, and then added digital synth and horns (budget imitation), later. The final mix was digital and the Director wanted a very direct and almost lo fi 70s/80s feel:

B) For both this movies, almost everything was emulated, except for the guitar:

C) This one was recorded live (harp, drums and guitar) and then Piano and sound fx were inserted later, digitally. The director wanted something haunting and raw, more on the dark ambient side:

If you wanna follow my work:
Website: :: | Film Score & Sound Design ::
IMDB: André Fernandes - IMDb

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I respect your work. Love the live instrumentation. B is really nice. A puts me in the mindset of the film "Anchorman" for some reason. Thumbs up!