My debut d'n'b single - FREE DOWNLOAD

Hi all, my name is Andrea and I just release my first single with this drum and bass project called Sinchronia. I take this opportunity to say a big :hello: hello :hello: to all the forum because I didn't find a right section to introduce myself. And oh yes of corse because I really need your opinions about my first release. I released it on an indie label call Flatline Records; I tried to create a liquid track, very melodic and atmospheric with a warm bassline during the 2 drops.

Well this is the track and I would be very grateful if you guys can give it a listen and tell me everything you think! I'll do a tour on other posts now and give out some reviews, thank you for your help! :o


Pete Range
Hey mate, the tune sounds really good. Production wise this is ace, sounds really clear and spacey but the low end is coming through well and the kicks are hitting hard. Only suggestion I may have is add a female vocal sample or something to give it a bit more character. Good job mate, keep it up.


Amorphous Space Dweller

This sounds really nice. I like the "cold" atmosphere and the percussion sticks out nicely. The engineering on this is really nice and spread out. I think that a female vocal, although not needed, would add some character.

Good job.

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lord leshy

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hey andrea im really digging this tune. nice warm bass and very clean production. i agree with both comments above since most dnb tracks have some sort of vocals in it especially female vocals and i could really see that fitting with this track too. keep it up!