Maxout Hiphop Serious Face Refill RELEASED!


High Skilled Producer

Hi all!

We have just released a 'Maxout Hiphop Reason Refill, called
'Maxout Hiphop Serious Face'.
This Refill contains 111 Samples and Rex-Loops, that are meant to be
used for the Hiphop and Rap music. To not let you buy anything blindly,
You can check a demo .reason-file here:

You could buy this Refill for 5,80€, but it would be mad to not buy 40 other
Refills as well, as we only ask 18,90€ for all of our work!

Get them here:

But if you already own the rest, then this Refill can be got here then:

Want something for free from us:

Best Regards: Heikki