Make Your Drops Hit Harder with Calm Before


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There are some very simple tricks that all pros use before every single drop or chorus to make their drops hit harder. They wind down the energy and cut out certain elements from the mix in the moments leading up to the drop. This creates contrast and a period of 'calm before' the drop.

Why do this? When everything comes back in at the drop, it will sound louder, wider, and way more impactful.

What are these tricks?
1. Cut some low end out (optional: add resonance)
2. Cut some high end out (optional: add resonance)
3. Reduce the volume
4. Narrow the stereo image
5. Add some washout

Setting up all this automation for each drop can be very tedious and time consuming, especially if you are an audio engineer working on multiple songs per day.

This is where the Calm Before plugin comes into play. This plugin was designed with efficiency in mind; it automates all of the above parameters (and more) so you can create the perfect moment of 'calm before', with just a few clicks.

How? All parameters are linked to one simple handle. Once you’ve set your targets, or chosen a preset, all you have to do is automate the handle down during the buildup (in order to apply your desired cuts and effects) and then back up at the drop.

Ideal Targets:

Below are ideal targets to aim for in order to create contrast between your buildup / transition and your drop.

Low Cut: 150 to 250hz
High Cut: 8000 to 10000hz
Volume Cut: -1dB to -2dB
Width Cut: 20 to 30%
Washout: To taste

Click here to see it in action



Since most people use this plugin on their master channel, we’ve packed the plugin with additional useful features, so you don’t have to reach for another plugin to accomplish certain mixing and mastering tasks:

Linear phase mode: Prevents phase issues when filtering
Bass mono slider: Choose how much low end is in mono
Separate HPF and LPF: Roll off the extreme low and high frequencies of the song to build headroom. These filters remain in place at all times, regardless of the position of the handle.
Slope and Q control: Control how steep your filters are, and whether they will add resonance
Width Unlink: Unlink the width parameter from the main handle, allowing you to add or reduce the width of the song by a fixed amount
Washout customization: Choose R or D to make your washout more reverb or delay-based. Control rate and size too.


Individual channels - Sometimes individual sounds need their own special treatment. Get creative! For example, you can add washout to your snare or claps during a buildup. Or cut out the subs from your kick every 8 bars using the low cut.
Busses or Groups - Problem solve in the mix. For example, make a group containing everything except for the Kick and Bass and cut out the low end frequencies from this group somewhere around 100-200hz, clearing out the low end for the Kick and Bass to shine through.
Live DJ sets - Create next-level transitions and manage energy levels on the fly, with one simple control. To adjust all these parameters live, you would probably need six or seven hands!

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