'magix' music studio 6



did any body heard about a software called 'music studio 6' (audio recording and midi seq) from MAGIX?

If yes, could you tell me if it is good for music producing

Thanx ;)
I've seen a few posts about it recently and as I have it I made a few comments. It's basically a repackaged version of Emagic's cheaper version of Logic. It is therefore a decent midi sequencer and has recieved good reviews. It includes two soft synths which my AMD K6-2 system can't cope with. The audio studio seems quite good.

I found the midi sequencer very fiddly and the manual and help files are rubbish. I have managed to use it though. If your not familar with Logic products try the free Logic Fun (got this on a magazine cover disc) which is basically a cut down version of the Majix midi sequencer or a demo of a full Logic product. If you don't like Logic you won't like Majix.

Personally I don't find midi sequencers easy to use for music production and use Majix for midi editing though many people use these with no problem. I prefer Fruityloops and if I tried it Reason or a loop based products like Acid or even Majix Music Maker..