Looking for undiscovered bedroom producers to submit tracks for a podcast


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Hey all,

Me and a friend have had an idea to do a radio show/podcast where we play music from undiscovered bedroom producers/artists. We are looking for House, D&B , Techno , trance and all subgenres,

We will be doing one focused on other genres too. I am looking for around 10 songs per episode. A brief sentence or 2 about you as an artist and your song would be great too. I will be posting on my SoundCloud afterwards. I would like to get the first episode done for Friday the 17th. The plan behind this is to promote bedroom producers, and get peoples sounds heard.

I am new to the forum, but a bit about me, I'm an experienced musician and producer. But I have never really put my self out there. I'm hoping by doing this
I can help others, and myself get heard and build new relationships with other producers. Any questions I am happy to answer.

Thanks everyone