Looking for a producer to collaborate with


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Hi there
My name is Joshua from the netherlands.
I have many own songs and i would like to share them to the world. Maybe that's just a dream though we'll see.
I don't mind working with either professionals or beginners. Making music brings happiness to the soul!

This is one of my latest songs:

Hope to hear from someone :D


Hey Mister Joshua, please look up my profile you will see a soundcloud link and my latest music , except Lost Daydream i made all songs with Ableton Live. Lost daydream was in my beginning and is only a repost, you can cut that out.
I think your voice has potential and would like to get in touch with you, to chat over producing terms.
The link

or see my profile. To add to my writings, i am not only drum and bass producer, i love deep house and straight house aswell. I made tracks within the deep house genre sounding like soft and not so punching like my dnb tracks.
Blessings from near Vienna to the netherlands
Alex aka ML74 aka BLU3
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