Logic record to wav audio



Oh my god! :victory:

I have a great tune put together in Logic 4.0 on win 98 with .wav files. I have the chance to burn it and play it out on a really big sound system this Saturday night, in London, but I can't figure out how to record the lot as a wav file. A friend suggested the process is called 'Mixing Down', which I couldn't find in the index of the manual. I found a manual entry on Audio Recording which is cryptic (as is most of the manual) to a newbie to Logic like me. I've picked a new audio track, and set the record button on it in the arrange window. Then I've hit 'record' on the transport, or hit *, which starts recording from the start, and my tune starts playing, leaving a new track. when I go back and listen to the new track it's blank.. AARRGHHH!!

this is where I'm up to!! Thursday 10:15pm
I play saturday night 10-12. Please help if you have any ideas.


Andrew Humphries
Your friend was reffering to cubase ...

Logic's routing is all about your environment and this is not the easiest part of Logic.

Now as your environment is a personalized thing ( hence its power ) , I don't really know how to advise you.

Try reading Len Sasso's excelent tutorial on the environment ( included with Logic CD ) , work through it and you will understand what the environment means to you. This will not be before saturday night though ;)
len sasso's tutorial not on me disk!

ok.. so I dhould read a tutorial on he environment. It's not on my install cd *(logic 4.0 gold), and the purchase software at www.swiftkick.com did not work either. is their any where else i can grab it from on the web?