LMMS doesn't find MIDI-Keyboard


New member
Hey, i'm new so sorry if this isn't the right place, to ask a question like that.
My Situation is the following: I got an Akai LPK25 Midi-Keyboard and tried it on LMMS, at first it worked for a short time. Because the cable is relatively short i unplugged it and put it in my Mouse Bungee, which has two USB-Ports too. Then it didn't work anymore. My Computer still recognized the Keyboard and i could interact with it using it's software. It still didn't work with LMMS. I switched the USB-Port back to the one which worked at the beginning, and now even there it won't work. I restarted my Computer, i reinstalled the Device and it's drivers. At this point i am just confused.
I don't know if somebody here has a possible solution for this Problem, but it would be very nice because the Keyboard was a present for birthday and it would suck if i had to send it back.