Lloyd Banks Type Beat | "In Or Out"


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something about the kicks sound a bit odd. It might be the sidechaining(?), Im not sure but otherwise it has a pretty nice "swing" to it


thanks, only thing i swung were the hi hats, most of the time i swing my kicks too but not on this beat cause it wouldnt have complimented the sample and the delay effect i used on it. For the kicks i used 16 levels on my mpc to give it a more natural drummer feel, no sidechain compression. Thanks for listening:cheers:


That snap sound which starts at 0:26 and follows uplifted the dynamics of the beat. Keep it up! Please hear my beat


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Hi B-57

First of all, I just rapped on the beat twice. When I have to freestyle on a beat it means something hah. Anyways. I don't think anything is wrong with kick. It hits perfect for the type of beat you are going for. I'm not sure wether you should change up the sample at some points, because I also know that there is some utility for rappers to have a clear beat with room for vocals. I think you can start to work on your mix now (like every one of us). Seems like everything else is on point for you!

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