Live Platinum ->chorus problem



I have a live platinum, and i wanted to know if there is a way to remove the effect (like chorus or something similar) that is automatically applied when i reproduce a sound. I tried several different applications, and they all do the same, so i guess the problem is in the sound card.

Does anybody else have this problem with this sound card? Can I remove this effect?

Unwanted effect

Oh, I'll bet you have effects applied on the SBLive (they are on by default). Go to the SBLive icon on the system tray and click on it.... select "Environmental Audio" and you'll get a dialog box of all the effects that SBLive is applying to your sounds (presumeably for that "game enjoying experience").

Choose "No Effects" in the pulldown or just take the standard reberb and chorus to 0%.
I'd also check if there is a windows "Spacial enable" or "3D simulated stereo" radio box checked in the Advanced properties when you double click on the speaker icon from your taskbar tray.

Also if you are recording be sure to go to
Options --> Properties and "Adjust volume for" recording. It gets rid of the windows treble/bass EQ and levels your, well levels.