Learning ProTools for Mac


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Since the other Protools for mac thread seems to have wandered off course a bit, I thought I'd post here.
I'm going to have a protools 24mix3 system at my complete disposal in the near future and I am still a novice in the studio. I've taken a couple 24 track recording and mixing classes through one of the Art institutes but I didn't get into the DAW classes before I graduated (I wasn't an audio student, I was taking the audio classes as options) and so I didn't get to learn ProTools.
I was wondering if there are any books, online resources, etc that I could turn to for some unstructured lessons, whether I should just open up the manual and go the trial and experimentation route or whether I should go back and try to take the class at school (if they'll even let me - it may be closed to all but audio majors). I don't really know anyone who can help me out on a personal basis. Suggestions?

When I got my Digi 001 about a year ago, I spent about 3 hours reading the manual before even putting the PCI card into my G4. That is what I suggest. You say that you have previous experience with multi-track recording, so with that you shouldn't be totally in the dark with the recording terms in the manual.

Another thing you should do is LEARN THE SHORTCUT KEYS... They are lifesavers. Good luck and enjoy,

tallbobsmoke (www.tallbobsmoke.com)
i agree with above:) learn short cut keys / learn apple u = strip silence
apple ] wich is zoom
apple + wich is toggle mix / edit window and on and on
i have been useing pt for 2 years and i am a master at it .I have been to the digi school an work with it every day protools mix with 4 farms now ...5.1
1.learn to route
2learn to record
3 edit
learn to edit zero threshhold (zoom in)
4.learn all mixing functions hook up out board gear and route to it as a buss.
5.automation=learn pan fader plugin automation in mixer window and edit window .
most of all just open a useless track of audio and explore every function and button that is the only way to know what everything does.

if u need any advice or question i will answer :)