Last Night (Modern/Funk) F4F*

Thats a nice track mate, does what it says on the tin. goes well together. from 1.29 thickens up nice for the chorus, have a synth thicken up the piano chords with modulation would sound sick.
shiit is dope mane, keep it up. hit me back with a follow on soundcloud, lemme know whats good
Thanks bro and Will do.

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Nice sound selection, nice drums, has a mainstream/radio vibe to it without being too much like everything on the radio. Gives me that sunny day just coolin out type of feeling, good job
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Thanks for listening and im glad you liked it. Going to check out your work.
reaaaal clean...loving those synths especially that lead real nice...I see you know how to use that modulation wheel haha na but this is def dope overall man keep that up!